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A Creative Freelance Web Designer, WordPress Developer, and User Interface Developer

Let me help you stand out in the digital world of competition. Partner with me to take your business to the next level.


I love designing modern, innovative and responsive websites that prints in minds

Freelance Web Designer

Designing fast loading, responsive and modern websites with a perfect user experience that can ensure an ultimate increase in revenue, conversion rate, and lead generation.

WordPress Developer

Converting custom design files into a custom WordPress theme using ACF PRO and developing WordPress websites in theme builders like Elementor pro, WP Bakery, DIVI.

Animation Expert

Providing award-winning 2D and 3D experiences to your websites using GSAP, THREE JS, Magic Scroll or other libraries, along with making things more interactive and accessible.

User Interface Developer

Converting pixel-perfect user interface design files into Responsive HTML5/CSS3 with 100% accuracy using modern front-end technologies like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, SASS etc.

Recent Work


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Adobe XD to Custom WordPress Theme

Figma to Responsive HTML5/CSS3

Adobe Illustrator to Responsive HTML5/CSS3

Adobe XD to Custom WordPress Theme

Adobe XD to Custom WordPress Theme

Figma to Custom WordPress Theme

Figma to Responsive HTML5/CSS3

Figma to Responsive HTML5/CSS3

Figma to Responsive HTML5/CSS3

Figma to Custom WordPress Theme

Adobe XD to Custom WordPress Theme

Adobe XD to Custom WordPress Theme

Why Hire Me?

Your perfect
Freelance Web Designer
& Freelance Front End Developer

But wait, don’t bump! Think, why did I claim? I’m a one-stop freelance solution to all your Web design, WordPress and Front end development-related problems! I thrive on creativity and uniqueness over traditional visuals. I strive for clarity, attraction, and high quality.


Happy Clients

Years of Experience

Passionate & Dedicated

Business Growth and Success

I partner with my clients to sky-rocket their business growth by developing user-friendly web designs. My creativity provides a competitive edge to succeed in the digital space.

Detail-oriented Project Development

I put great attention to detail in designing an outclass website tailored to your business requirements. My animation designs give your website a pixel-perfect and elegant look.

Straightforward Process

Throughout the journey of working on your project, I tend to take it step by step to deliver it with no ambiguities and utmost convenience from conception to completion.

Well-planned Working

I believe in insightful thinking and strategy making. My overarching strategy aligns with your aims and objectives, thus ultimately resulting in exclusive quality delivery on time.

Consultation Services

I believe that communication solves half of the problems so I make sure to stay connected to you throughout the work to have an idea about your vision & aim.


Providing worth representing designs and developments is my priority. I’m destined to deliver a project that is worth every penny. I happily provide discounts for longterm projects.


My Past Clients

Saad has been a pleasure to work with. He was able to work in the North American time zone, was always available to reply within a short period of time, and saw that the project was completed successfully and bug-free. If you are looking for a solid front-end developer, Saad is a great candidate!


Saad was pleasing to work with. He is a great developer with attention to detail and only wants the best for your project. I recommend his services if you want someone with a strong understanding of complex development tasks

David GrondinUpwork

We now consider Saad a key member of the team. He is reliable, signposts any problems early so they can be resolved and goes above and beyond what is expected.

Fiona ClarkeAustralia

Saad did an excellent job of converting Adobe XD to Responsive HTML/CSS/JS. We hired him late in a project after some failings by another developer. He helped us to meet our deadlines and keep the project on track.

Kalanda KambeyaUnited States
My process

Look! How smoothly we can get things done once we are committed

Project Request

At the begining, your project starts with the project request. The details you provide me with helps me evaluate my existential demand. After that, I arrange a quick call to discuss your requirements in detail.


After getting deeper into the details and requirements, I create an individual proposal. I usually let the project type decide whether if it should be fixed price or hour based. Although, hourly projects helps us stay in touch more.

First Meeting

First meeting is dedicated to answering the questions related to the project in my or your mind. It’s really important to have an idea of your expectations and requirements so that I could clear out my queries as much as possible.


I firmly believe in “DRY” (Don't repeat yourself) principle in coding to ensure the quality and performance of the system. I create the project with a more professional approach like modular, clean, and commented code with a proper directory structure.

Launch / Handover

When the project is ready to handover, I host it either to my development server or to your hosting server. After the successful termination, I also offer monthly subscriptions for the maintenance of the website to make it ace.


Here are services that you can get on one time as well as monthly

    • Unlimited Web Development


      • Development of new web pages.
      • WordPress Theme Development
      • WordPress Development by a WordPress Expert
      • Max 3-5 projects
    • Branding


      • Logo Design
      • Flyer Design
      • Stamp Design
      • Social Media Kit
      • Max 1 project
Top Rated Freelancer

I am delightful to share that I am also working as upwork web developer and have 100% positive feedback